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thirtiesgirl's Journal

neuroses, I am your galley slave

Christine, the strawberry girl
26 March
My username doesn't reflect my age, as I'm no longer in my 30s (egads!). I love the fashion, style & decor of the 1920s and '30s, which informs my personal style. As I do some stylistic elements of the '40s through the '80s. But I thought "thirtiesgirl" sounded good, which is why I chose it.

I live in Loss Angeles, work in education, am a bit of a music geek, and am looking for love in all the wrong places (namely, the internet, which I seem to have spent a fair amount of time writing about in my first bunch of posts here). Sometimes I get in the mood to trawl Youtube and post videos of morose indie pop music from the '80s & '90s. Sometimes my neuroses get the better of me. Sometimes my sense of humor is on the sarcastic, snarky side; sometimes not.

I'm a happily child-free size activist who does not suffer hate speech, anti-gay and lesbian sentiments, smug married parents, SUV drivers and fools gladly. If you fall into any of the aforementioned categories, kindly refrain from commenting on my journal, and I'll do the same for you. If you do choose to comment, remember I'm logging your IP address and will choose to ban you as I see fit. I don't mean to be such a queen bitch about it, but this is my journal and if you can't play in my world, then you don't get to play at all.

That said, read me, friend me, hate my opinions or love them; there's room in the world for all kinds. I like meeting new people and seeing how their worldview differs from mine. I hope you find something you can identify with or maybe even enjoy here, even though I may struggle at times to find the joy in life myself. Writing about it is one way I tap into a little of that joy. Thanks for stopping by.